“Shaun’s a magician – you have an idea in your head about how you would like something to look – you talk with Shaun about it – and then it’s there. Totally transformed our house!

Great customer care skills – great bloke – great craftsman. It’s unusual and so refreshing to meet someone who takes such pride in all he does”

John Thompson

“Shaun took on my wardrobe project and was impressively organised from start to finish. Large 8-10 door wardrobes were designed, hand built and installed in each of 4 bedrooms.

Shaun sourced quality wood (it’s all about the look of the grain) and with minimal waste. He gave a reasonably accurate indication of cost at the beginning.

We discussed design and Shaun worked out a bespoke design that would work practically. Quite a complex task and no errors were made at all.

Every aspect of the wardrobes and the door alignment is precise to the fraction of a millimetre. And the alignment is still perfect even after 3 years. Everyone who sees my wardrobes admires them.

Shaun is polite and very trustworthy. When I first met him it was obvious that his integrity could be trusted.”

Paul Crawford